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  1. Content writing – It will help you to enhance your writing skills. We will let to you write article for this blog. You can write article for this site on any topic related to Jamia Millia Islamia or education related.
  2. Study Material Contributor – As you know that, this blog is mainly developed for Jamia aspirants. So you can contribute any study material like previous Year Papers in Pdf format, Notes, any Guide or anything. It will be very helpful for them. We will mention/highlight your name on this site and also give you credit for it.
  3. Guest Post – You can also write guest post for this blog, we will give you back-links in return.
  4. Photography or Videography – If you love photography then this is the best platform to showcase your talent. Our Instagram page has more reach than any Instagram page in JMI. You will tagged in the photos, that you will provide for uploading.
  5. Others.

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