Download Jamia Entrance Papers


Where to Download Jamia Entrance Papers?

There are many websites on internet that provides Jamia Entrance Papers, but the issue is they are not authentic sites except one site. Many site have fake entrance papers of Jamia Millia Islamia, they upload just to get some views, so that they can earn money.

Authentic Source to get Jamia Entrance Papers

  1. Visit Jamia Maktaba Ltd. (A book shop in JMI campus at gate no. 4)
  2. Ask to any senior by visiting campus
  3. Xerox point in Jamia Campus (but guard will not allow to enter in campus without ID Card)
  4. Purchase some books, they contain some papers in the end (sometimes these papers are not authentic).
  5. If you are far away from Delhi, then visit the site: (only authentic site available)

Jamia Maktaba Ltd.

This is a books shop in Jamia Campus, it is affiliated to Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. The shop contains academic books, entrance books and other material.

Ask to any JMI Senior

You can contact any Jamia student, they will provide you any study material. But contacting them is too difficult. You may visit:

Xerox Shop in Campus

Aspirant can get previous year entrance papers from the xerox of Jamia Campus. But the problem is JMI guard don’t allow any outsider in the campus. So you can take help from any Jamia Student they will visit the xerox point and get papers for you.

Purchase Entrance Books

In some books, some old papers are attached in the backside of the book. Sometimes these papers are not authentic, so cross check before purchasing the books.

Online Entrance Papers

Good news for the aspirants who are far away from Jamia (Delhi). A site is available to provide the previous year entrance papers of all courses. But the problem is, its a paid website, they may charge you Rs. 20 for papers. This old website developed in 2018, trusted by every Jamia Student.

They charge some fees just to bear the cost of website maintenance, this site is developed by some old Students of Jamia with their own money, that’s why they charge some money.

But its better to spend some little bit of money on this website because:

  • The Only Authentic site available in market.
  • Developed by Jamia Student & Alumni not by third party.
  • Paper are 100% authentic.
  • Always available to help.
  • Contact them anytime 24×7 (even after 12 AM night).
  • Help through WhatsApp, Email, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Provide FREE paper to poor students.
  • Important Exam Notification.
  • Free Study material for some courses.
  • And many more!!!


If you from Delhi then visit the Campus you will get every study material from the campus. But if you are not from Jamia the visit the site, they will help you.


Please be aware of fake sites, available on internet. Many website are now developed after the above site, they are just making fool of students. We will upload the list of fake site on this website soon. Don’t visit the site except the sites mentioned below:

Only Authentic Site: , (Visit only these sites).

#WhatsApp9891526930, if you have any doubt. (Click here to WhatsApp)

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