Scam in the name of Jamia Millia Entrance | Steps to safe from Scammers


These days more people are becoming victim of scams or frauds in the name of Jamia Millia Islamia. Innocent Jamia aspirants are very easy target of scammers. Lot of scams are happening with students in the name of Jamia Entrance Exam. This post will guide you, how to safe yourself from these scammers.

Whats is happening these days?

Scammers are very active these days. In this admission or entrance exam month of Jamia Millia Islamia (February-June of every year) scammers do various types of fraud with innocent JMI aspirants. They will message you personally on your Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or they may even call you on your personnel number. They will tell you that they are authentic people/faculty from Jamia and they will give you 100% admission in Jamia Millia Islamia in any course, and you just need to pay some amount (likely in Lakhs.)


Some example of scammer’s chat, how they convince you

Some days before, a Jamia aspirant sent me some screenshots and asked me whether he should pay this amount to him or not. This student asked me the authenticity of that person. I was just shocked after reading his chat with scammer. Here I am attaching some screenshot of chat with scammer (Scammer’s name is hidden intentionally in below chat).

Screenshots with scammer:

  • In this screenshot, a student asked him to provide last year entrance paper of 11th Arts (School) so that he can see the pattern of question paper and prepare according to it.
  • Scammer told that he has original paper of 2019 (Exam is not held yet, I don’t know, from where he has arranged 2019 paper, maybe someone has leaked the paper to this scammer).
  • Student asked him that to give last year paper of 2018, because he don’t want that leaked paper of 2019)
2. Asking him to send this huge amount
  • In this screenshot scammer told that he will charge Rs. 500/- just for one pdf.
  • Scammer is convincing him to purchase pdf (that contain only 25 solved question) for rupees Five Thousand (Rs. 5000/-).
3. Convincing to pay amount
  • Here, scammers is convincing him to send Rs. 100 so that scammer can send pdf on his whatsApp.
4. Student is bargaining with scammer
  • Student is bargaining with scammer, that amount is very high, normal student or any student can’t afford this amount.
  • But scammer told him you can’t be select in Jamia Millia Islamia unless you pay this amount .
5. Student is smart
  • At last, student messaged him that he just wanted the last year papers just for practice, and he can’t pay this huge amount.
  • He suggested to scammer that not to scam with innocent and poor students.

Student is smart here, he didn’t send any money to scammer and informed us about this big scam/fraud.

What should you do?

I suggest you to just ignore these types of fraud messages or just inform us. I am are here giving you some tips, just remember it, so that you can’t be trapped in these scams.

  1. Ignore these types of messages or just sent the screenshots to our WhatsApp number or mail.
  2. Don’t send any huge amount, if you really need some study material for your exam preparations, purchase it from authentic sources. Some of the great and authentic sources of JMI study materials are given below.
  3. Don’t share your personnel details like “Full Name, Mobile No., Email Id, Address” to websites that are unknown or unauthentic. Some website takes these types of data in the name of sending notification for entrance dates to the students/ JMI aspirants. Send these details only to the trusted website like,, and
  4. Ask your seniors or from us for how to prepare for you entrance exam, syllabus and recommended books. Rather than these scammers, they will always give you wrong information and also they always try get your hard-earned money.
  5. If you need any assistance, please contact to the JMI official or , their contact numbers and mail Id are listed there.
  6. In case if you are unable to contact above given details then you can message us, we will help you for free. (we are the group of some JMI Alumni and students of Jamia Millia Islamia. We stared this blog and a website to help students so that they can be safe from these types of scammers.)
  7. Always prefer official JMI prospectus for any important dates, criteria, eligibility, different types of courses available at Jamia Millia Islamia and any other information.
  8. Follow this Instagram page @jmientrance (with 4000 active followers), this page informs you about important dates, examination dates. (If you are unable to find from Official Prospectus)

Some authentic source for study material, JMI

  • Makataba JMI Ltd. It is a stationery shop situated in Jamia Millia Islamia campus. This shop will provide you authentic books for your entrance preparation.
  • DUA Publications Books.
  • One can also purchase from or these sites also contains some books for JMI preparation. (If any confusion, message us, we will reply to definitely).
  • One can also download last year entrance papers of all courses from (this site is owned and managed by JMI students, but it may charge you Rs. 10/- or 20/- because papers available on this site are authentic and we have bear server cost.). Its better to download papers from this site rather than asking from scammers. If you are far from Delhi, you must prefer this site.

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