Jamia School XI (11th) – Science Previous 8 Years Entrance Test Papers | 2023 And Earlier


Welcome to our in-depth guide to the 11th Science class entrance exam for the Jamia Millia Islamia. This post will give you all the information you need to prepare for the Jamia 11th Science entrance exam, including past year’s entrance test question papers, syllabus, cutoff and preparation advice. Our goal is to assist you in comprehending the material, exam format, and scoring methodology so that you can perform well on the test.

Entrance Exam Details

Maximum Marks: 100
Total Questions: 100
Time: The duration of the test for Class XI is 2 hours.
Negative Marking: No Negative Marking.
Paper code: S13

Total Seats:

Jamia Sr. Sec. School40Co-Ed
Syed Abid Hussain Sr. Sec. School (Self-Finance)20Co-Ed
Jamia Girls Sr. Sec. School (Self-Finance)50Girls

Cut-Off (2023):



XI (Science) – Jamia Girls Sr. Secondary School (Self-financed)


XI (Science) – Jamia Sr. Secondary School


Useful Preparation Tips

It is good to prepare well in advance for the JMI 11th Science class entrance exam in order to achieve success. The following guidelines will help you prepare more successfully:

  • Comprehend the material and exam format in detail.
  • Make a study schedule and stick to it.
  • Try to solve last year’s exam questions to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the format.
  • Pay attention to your areas of weakness and make improvements.
  • Keep up with broad knowledge and current affairs.
  • Regularly practice your understanding of numbers and data interpretation.
  • Enroll in online courses or offline coaching sessions to receive professional advice as needed.

Why applicants should familiarize themselves with past year question papers in order to prepare for the entrance exam for the 11th Science School Test

For students, getting ready for an entrance exam can be a difficult undertaking. Nonetheless, examining past year’s exam questions is a useful strategy to raise their chances of success. These papers provide insightful information on the format, nature, and difficulty level of the test. Students can better prepare by identifying key themes, comprehending question types, and reviewing these papers. Furthermore, students can hone their skills and increase their accuracy and speed by tackling past year’s question papers. They can learn how to better manage their time for the exam by pacing themselves while they work through these papers. Furthermore, by exposing students to the exam atmosphere, reviewing last year’s question papers might increase their confidence and lower their exam anxiety. In conclusion, students should review last year’s exam questions in order to comprehend the format of the test, recognise key subjects, enhance their accuracy and time management skills, and increase their self-assurance.

Download JMI Question Papers: XIth Science (11th)


Download 100% original last year question papers:👇🏼

YearDownload Link
Jamia 11th Science Entrance/Admission Test Paper, 2018Download
Jamia 11th Science Entrance/Admission Test Paper, 2019Download
Jamia 11th Science Entrance/Admission Test Paper, 2020Download
Jamia 11th Science Entrance/Admission Test Paper, 2021Download
Jamia 11th Science Entrance/Admission Test Paper, 2022Download
Jamia 11th Science Entrance/Admission Test Paper, 2023Download
Jamia 11th Science Entrance/Admission Test Paper, 2024Download

Entrance Syllabus of JMI 11th Science Test

Download Entrance Test Syllabus of Class 11th Science: Click Here

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